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OptumRx is a focused, collaborative, and innovative leader in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry. Today, we serve more than 13.5 million people through our state-of-the-art mail service pharmacies and a national network of more than 67,000 community pharmacies.

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The pharmacy network includes access to thousands of retail pharmacies, including large national chains and many community pharmacies. For medication you take regularly, you can use the OptumRx® Mail Service Pharmacy.

The Formulary includes brand and generic prescription medications approved by the FDA. Each medication is rated according to its cost. There are five tiers in the rating: Tier 1 is the lowest cost medication; Tier 5 is the highest cost.

City of Knoxville Formulary

Prescription Drug List 


You Pay...


Non-preventive Prescriptions 

Level 1 (preferred generics)



Level 2 (non-preferred generics)



Level 3 (preferred brands)



Level 4 (non-preferred brands)



Level 5 (specialty)




Preventive Drug List:

This Preventive Drug List outlines the preventive medications that are considered preventive by the plan.  Preventive medications are used to prevent the occurrence of a disease/condition for individuals with risk factors, or to prevent the recurrence of a disease/ condition, and do not include drugs used to treat an existing illness, injury of condition.  Example of preventive medications are those used for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and asthma.



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